Paul Klee taught at the Bauhaus, in Weimar and Dessau in 1920’s. The Bauhaus was a major part of the beginnings of the modern movement in art and architecture. To me it represents movement towards universal access to art. I am keen to see an increased involvement in the arts through childhood into maturity, to help art making be more accessible and understood by all.

Small children can come to understand form and colour, often by arranging coloured blocks. Klee’s colourful paintings seem to show his understanding of how children make art.

The massing of blocks in my work refers to modern high rise and cityscape. The imprecise junction of blocks is intended not to imitate but to reflect the character of junctions between the colour panels in Klee’s painting – “Architecture” 1923. I’m working in solid form with reference to Klee’s graphics.

Philip Walker
April 2017

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Ghost Trio

First Prize Interior Sculpture – Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival 2009 Peoples’ Choice Award – Sculpture at Hillview – Sutton Forest 2012

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